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Thanks to everyone for your helpful replies and pictures; some really nice looking scoped K31's. I have been mounting "scout" scopes on Mosins and several types of Mausers, and in each case was able to find one piece bases (mounts) that replaced the rear sight with Picatinny spaced slots, so that I can (and do) change LER scopes between rifles, keeping track of the correction in windage and elevation for each rifle for a particular scope. Contrary to what some may think, this does work well and can achieve one MOA results with handloads. I'm a P-dog shooter and don't settle for much less, but must admit one of my Mosins is only good for Minute of Hog.
What I have decided to go with is a very solid mount designed by Darrell Harrison. It does not have Picatinny spaced slots but the first and last slots are spaced the same as the first and eighth slots on a Picatinny. Somewhat of a compromise but that will work for me.
Again thanks for taking the time to help.

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