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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
Other side of the language definition coin are those who define an assault weapon as any weapon used to assault someone. Grammatically possible in English, but not really correct in the real world.
And why haven't we banned rape whistles? Who would even want such a thing?

Our side was somewhat shortsighted by spending so much effort on trying to get the other side to use the proper terms. I think a lot of people felt that if they explained how the wrong term made the argument foolish then the anti's would (sensibly, of course) recognize the error of their position and simply drop the idea.

Unfortunately, we mis-estimated the zealotry we faced, and still face.

Arguments over proper terminology in law are intended to prevent us getting a law passed banning "the shoulder thing that goes up".
Emphasis added. I won't suggest that no one has ever thought that, but my take was that Carlson's question about the barrel shroud was intended to (and did amply) illustrate that Carolyn McCarthy had a zeal not founded in a knowledge of what she wanted banned and regulated. (Colin Ferguson's pistol had no barrel shroud and only a single magazine he reloaded from loose rounds during the murders.)
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