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Not to divert but the top of the NRA-ILA is functionally non-existant now as Cox is suspended and attacked by LaP.

The terminology is not an important issue anymore, that horse has left the barn. Gun aficionados can demand linguistic purity to no avail. The clarification about semi vs. full is now well known. The use of MSSA is common now as gun opponents have taken the critique to heart as is the usage above.

As the great sage, Hillary Clinton said: What difference does it make?

Here are some headlines after a nut with an AR-10 goes berserk :

1. Madman with assault rifle massacres 20
2. Madman with Modern Sporting Rifle massacres 20
3 Madman with an AR-10 massacres 20
4. Madman with a Military Style Semi Auto rifle massacres 20
5. Madman with a Battle Rifle massacres 20. (Battle rifle certainly is a good PR term and quite popular now).
6. Madman with a rifle that stylistically looks like a modern assault whose definition is based on a gun used by Hitler's armed forces and perhaps named by him (but really isn't because it isn't fully auto) massacres 20.

Which headline is least likely to lead to legislation to ban this thing that goes bang every time you pull the trigger?
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