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There’s a reason the Sparrow dominates the 22 market. Ascent = Al baffles =

Having said that, my factory 22 can is a Spectre II. I also have a Form 1 can that’s just as quiet ...but it’s quite a bit bigger so the extra volume compensates for the unsophisticated baffle design.

The only reason I even own a factory can is because I had never fired a silenced 22 when I built my can, and I was disappointed it wasn’t quieter. I bought a top-rated factory can so I could truly have a quiet gun...only to find out that the problem wasn’t with my silencer but with my expectations. It turns out to be a blessing because it’s nice having two silenced rifles without having to keep moving the can between them. I keep the Spectre on my SBR 10/22 and the Form 1 on my Savage bolt action.

On a 22 can I would give up a couple of dB in absolute quietness in exchange for being easy to clean.

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