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I appreciate the input.

I no longer own a 16" .223/5.56. All of the small-bore, centerfire rifles are 20"+ (on-hand or planned builds). With .223, the estimated muzzle pressure difference with the 'extra' four inches of barrel is about 2k-5k psi, depending upon the load. For example: 8,400 psi w/ 20", vs 11,300 psi w/ 16", running my 55 gr Nosler BTV / H335 load through QuickLoad -- or 26% lower muzzle pressure.
I imagine that does make some difference.

After further reading, and spending a lot of time watching and listening to FRP on YouTube, I still think the Sparrow will be fine for me.

My biggest problem is that almost nothing is threaded right now. On the up side, it means that I get to choose the thread pattern that I want...
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