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FrankenMauser: as you can see from the posts in this thread, many Sparrow owners don’t really care about the FRP. Don’t let me deter you from getting a can you want if FRP isn’t a concern. I’m kinda obsessive about FRP, especially with something as quiet as a .22 can, which is why I prefer my Mask, which has almost zero FRP. But that isn’t a concern for many of the Sparrow owners I’ve talked to. And pretty much all of them are still happy with theirs.

After I got my Mask I shot it at our range right next to a coworker who was using his Sparrow. Both cans were on the exact same model of host: A 22/45. It wasn’t a huge difference, but we both preferred the Mask, both in FRP and in overall volume (the difference in FRP was large, the difference in sound after the first round was very small). But at the same time, he was still very happy with his Sparrow since it’s so easy to clean a steel monocore. (Also, he bought his Sparrow way before the Mask came out). The Mask is pretty easy to take apart and clean, but the Sparrow is easier; pretty much the easiest one on the market.
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