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“Guffey, full length sizing dies' inside dimensions are made to be smaller than rifle chambers. It's not good to have them the same size; if so, fired cases would never be sized smaller”

Bart B. I understand and know where that came from, for the benefit of others reading this forum please explain to those that can not distinguish fact from fiction and truth from nonsense the meaning and your motive.

I do not have rifles built, if I want another rifle, I build it. If I do not have a the reamer I have access to 200+, from a total of three friends, I offer them access top 64 reamers. We are all old and doing less, but none of us are starving for attention.

Oneildsap, My presses have threads, my dies have threads, threads on my presses for my dies make my dies adjustable, I do not make wild guestimates as in fractional guesses of a turn or turns in degree converted to thousandths. I use the verifier, I use the feeler gage to verify adjustments in thousandths (.000). Meaning, if I wasted my time guessing when adjusting my dies in fractions and or degree converted to thousandths I would still verify the adjustment, for those that can keep up and have no other motive for arguing when adjusting the die to the shell holder it makes more sense to go straight to the verifying tool, the feeler gage than make a wild guess at the adjustment, then check for accuracy by verifying.

Then there are those that insist on guessing and measuring until ...etc.. For them there is no other way.....because? They insist.

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