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Originally Posted by HKGuns
I guess I'll just change my name to Mr. Irresponsible, regardless of what the numbers say and most of those numbers are not measured at your ears. I find it very easy to shoot that combination without hearing protection.
I apologize if I offended you, but my statement was simply a fact: Your silencer is not "hearing safe", and if someone follows your advice they will get hearing damage. That damage might take a while to be noticable, but it's still happening.

Those numbers are measured at the muzzle of the firearm, but the decibel readings at the ear are no more than a few decibels different. No matter which way you measure it, your Octane 45 is well above the threshold for permanent hearing damage and is far from being "hearing safe", no matter what your subjective experience might try to tell you.

Originally Posted by HKGuns
Either way, settle down, no reason for you to get all worked up into a lather over it.
Like James said, I'm not worked up at all, I'm simply trying to inform you that your can is not actually "hearing safe".

If you choose to keep shooting without hearing protection, that's fine; I'll admit that sometimes I don't wear hearing protection when I shoot my Octane 9 outdoors. But if someone decides to not wear hearing protection, don't you think it's better if they know the potential risks involved?

This is a popular public gun forum, it's important for us to not spread bad information that could potentially lead to unexpected hearing loss.
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