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We've definitely had discussions around bad habits. While we can't fullyreplicate the experience of real world shooting, we're doing our best to enforce good safety practices, the rifle and shotgun for instance have working safeties in-game, and you do get penalized for improper/unsafe grounding while running the courses.

One (contentious) debate we're having right now internally is if/how to add the 180° rule. It's definitely a safety concern, and we can see players forming bad habits without it in-game, however, we think it could be a big barrier to everyday gamers enjoyment of the game. One possible solution we've discussed is implementing a "pro mode" for a more restrictive/realistic ruleset.

Another thing we can't exactly replicate are the real-world implications of poor technique. For instance, you're not going to exactly fix problems with trigger slap or pulling your shots, but we do feel as the technology improves, we may be able to address some of these issues in the future.

I'm interested, what other safety concerns or bad habits do you think we should watch out for?
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