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Originally Posted by shafter
We may be winning fights but each fight involves compromise which takes away a bit more of our rights each time. I don't foresee good things in the future for gun owners.
I dunno, I still disagree. Where I live I see nothing but an unbroken string of successes lately. If you live in someplace that tends to be more restrictive with gun laws, you may have a very different experience.

The people buying guns ARE interested in the politics of things; they're writing legislators and joining in the discussion. They are signing up for CCW classes, getting permits, and carrying. They're joining the NRA and standing up for our rights. At least, the ones I've seen are.

They aren't people buying a hunting rifle, getting a deer permit, and trading away politically incorrect firearms thinking that nobody's ever going to come for their over/unders and Remington 700s.
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