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Tom Servo
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Joe Biden is banning 8-tracks in cars and Betamax dirty movies.
He can have my Cat Stevens 8-tracks when he pries them from my cold, dead hands! What part of "where's the beef" does he not understand?

Believe it or not, folks, there are some folks who don't follow developments in the gun culture on a day-to-day basis like we do. Case in point: a neighbor of mine went in with us on a bulk ammo deal back in 2003. He doesn't shoot much, so he really didn't make a dent in it until recently.

So, yes, 2013 was the first time he'd shopped for ammunition in 10 years. He was a bit surprised, to say the least.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
--Randall Munroe
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