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Arguing brands is bascially snob appeal vs. effective value. Costly stuff looks great, good to talk about, generally smoother until the others are broken in but the ammo from them doesn't work any better than less pricey tools.

Buy what you need, and that's going to be based on the volume you want to make. A single stage is slowest at maybe 60-80 rounds per hour but it's much easier to learn on and evey serious shooter/reloader should have one on their bench, iMHO. So, most of us start there and if we ever need more speed then add what ever it takes to accomplish the new production goals.

Conventional turrets - manual indexing - have no real time advantage over a single stage. Only Lee's auto indexing Classic Turret speeds things up. It's a great tool both for modest volumes. Very easy to make fast and inexpensive caliber swaps and it has excellant user features. Get you up to maybe 300 rounds an hour after you get your act cordinated.

Progressives are great for cranking out large volumes of the same thing. They aren't so great for load development or changing calibers and primer sizes. And they really hurt the wallet for nothing unless you actually NEED tons of the same stuff, week after week. Make you some 500 to 1,000 rounds per hour tho!
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