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Originally Posted by serf 'rett
Don't remember seeing calipers on the needed parts list. You will need them.
He mentioned a digital micrometer before the list - in addition to a scale. (In post #11). As for myself, I prefer dial (or vernier) calipers to one that requires batteries.

Kemp's Gun Shop (on line) sells a kit based on the Lee Classic Turret that includes all that stuff (including dies which most other kits don't) plus 6 plastic ammo boxes for (last time I checked) $215. Add calipers, scale a couple of manuals and you are loading in high style. Bullet puller, chamfer/deburring tool, dropcloth, a brass cleaner (if you like) and a few other small tools and you are all set for (probably) less than $350 and lacking for nothing. Sue Kempf knows her stuff, too.

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