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Hoping for advice on a press

I recently took a class on reloading but have not yet started doing anything with what I learned. I now am ready to start buying the equipment needed, starting with a press. Since I shoot several handgun calibers it seems pretty clear that a turret press is where I should start, but which one? I was ready to buy a Lee Classic Turret press but then read some reviews which stated the press was poorly made, with parts missing paint, not properly adjusted, etc. which sort of scared me off. The instructor of the reloading class recommended Dillon, but do I really need to spend that much, i.e., is Dillon really that much better and worth the price? I also am wondering if I can attach the press to my regular work bench or should I buy a separate stand or bench such as what Lee sells? Finally, I want to put a list together of what I will need to just get started on a single caliber. Did I leave out anything critical:
- reloading press
- carbide die set (I don't want to have to lube cases)
- powder scale
- device to charge the cartridge so that I don't have to hand measure every charge (can't recall what this device is called)
- device to feed the primers into the die (also can't remember what it is called)
- tumbler and media for cleaning cases
- powder, primers and bullets
Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
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