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Picking the correct sight combination

I posted this elsewhere on the forum but thought maybe it would be relative to this particular section...

I have an H&R Buffalo Classic in 45/70 - just rec'd it back from the factory fitting it. I have pretty much decided, unless someone can convince me differently, that I'm going to buy the Williams FP receiver sight to attach to the rear of the barrel. What I am having a challenge figuring out is what should the height be on the front sight - I want a globe sight, like the Lyman 17 series.

The center of the aperture (at its lowest adjustment) is .325" above the plane of the barrel in the rear. The difference in diameter between rear & front of the barrel = .310". So, dividing that in half = .155" which means that the center of the rear sight aperture is .470" (.325+.155) above the plane of the barrel where the front sight will rest.

So...ideally, should the front sight height be as close as possible to the exact measurement of the rear sight (.470)? And since it will likely be impossible to match this exactly, is it better to have a shorter or higher front sight given that the rear sight is measured at its lowest setting? Also, the fact that this is a 45/70 with its unique trajectory characteristics, how does that figure into these calculations?

I should probably add that my main interest is hunting and informal shooting. I can be convinced to start in some friendly competition at my local range, but shooting beyond 200 yds is probably not going to be much of an interest to me.

Thanks a bunch for any help.
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