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but to a single barrel, they all have some vibration and the "freer" (for sake of a better term)they can vibrate, then the more Repeatable" its harmonics will be.
It is not freedom to vibrate that creates accuracy; it is consistent vibration that returns the muzzle to the same precise angles during barrel vibration that produces accuracy. Due to the individual structure of each barrel, the precise nature of that barrel's vibration patterns will be unique to that barrel. As a result, some barrel harmonics are more repeatable with a pressure point somewhere along the barrel's length to change the position of nodal points, or just "dampen" the movement; it's also true that some barrels will be more repeatable with complete freedom to vibrate.

"Freer" is not necessarily the best for repeatability. Note that I said (and have always said) "necessarily" the best. It CAN be. But it is not a rule.

I already said too that I free float all my hunting rifles, but not primarily for accuracy. It is easy to free float a barrel as a test, because you can always put some contact back if you find it doesn't work well, so there is nothing to lose as an experiment. It is also easy to put some temporary pressure under a free floated barrel as a test, and remove it later.

I suggest that instead of just drinking the coolaid that free floating is always best, you should try some honest and careful experiments. I think you will find that sometimes it improves accuracy, and sometimes it doesn't.
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