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With a Dillon trimmer in station 4 and Dillon decapping/resizing die in station 1 of my case prep toolhead on my Dillon 650 with casefeeder, all necked rifle brass prep is a breeze. I trimm .223/5.56, .308, 30-06, and even taper walled 30 Carbine brass without ever having to touch a single case. Just dump the tumbled and lubed brass into the casefeeder, turn on the trimmer, and then start cranking.

In goes the fired brass and out comes decapped, resized, and trimmed brass ready for a quick 10 minute tumbling to remove the lube and they are ready for handloading. If they have a crimp, a quick pass through the Dillon Swagger. If not, they are ready for the reloading toolhead for quality handloads ready to shoot.

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