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The transfer bar safety on the Pietta-source guns like yours shouldn't be a major issue. When Uberti grafted a transfer bar onto the SAA-class design (and sold it as the Beretta Stampede) it wasn't quite as strong as the Uberti no-safety designs. I don't know how well Pietta did at the same task. But in general, transfer bars aren't a problem except that they need about 25% more mainspring pressure so...done wrong they can affect trigger feel.

That said, Ruger's transfer bar guns from 1973 forward ("New Model" action) can achieve a pretty damn good trigger feel. The latest variant in the mid-frames such as the New Vaquero starting in 2004 are even better, by a small margin. I've heavily tuned the trigger in my 2005-era NewVaq357 plus shot the snot out of it and it's absolutely sweet.

The Heritage safety that people laugh about is the manually operated monstrosity on the rimfire-size frame. That's...well...a bit of a joke.
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