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Originally Posted by farmerboy View Post
Just my two cents but whatever a person chooses to Cary they should be trained, continue training and be willing to actually use it if the situation arises. Where it be a gun, knife , taser, spray or whatever. Tasers I'n my opinion are pretty close, too close really. I'd rather spray at 15 feet and some instances I'd rather shoot at 15 yards but I think there's alot of people if they had a situation, and alot of women who would really be afraid to use whatever even if they had something. That's why they're already 20 or 30 years old and never carried yet. Most you probably can buy them something and actually think theyre armed and protected because most won't have it I'n themselves.
You realize that a Taser has an effective range of 15-25 feet right? Stun guns are strictly contact. Tastes have the ability to fire projectiles and be a contact weapon. I have NEVER seen anyone shrug off a good Taser hit. The muscular you are the worse it is. I have seen many people shrug off my OC spray like it was nothing, especially in a fight where their adrenaline was through the roof. After they were detained and the adrenaline came back down they felt the effects, but at that point it does you no good. Invest in a good defensive tactics class and a Taser.
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