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As a former firearms and TASER instructor I must respond to the comment that tasers dont work,,,,,BULL$H!!T have you ever been tased? i have and am here to tell you they work IF used correctly I have been tased myself and have used it while making arrests, I bet those guys would disagree with any nay sayers as well.

If she isnt comfortable with guns thats fine, I will say the TASER is more effective that pepper spray, I have seen guys get sprayed and it not really bother them at all, at the same time you have to get some training with the TASER and know how to use it and what to look for when it doesnt give the desired performance the most common reason it doesnt work well is only one probe made contact or there wasnt enough spread between the probes but with training and keeping your head during a situation it is possible to correct the problem and get the desired effect.

if you go with the TASER the citizen model uses a 10 second burst rather than the 5 second burst like the law enforcement model, the reason is it gives the victim time to utilize the TASER them put it down and run to safety while the bad guy is lying there on the ground incapcitated.

Heres the nice thing about it,,if you have to use the TASER to defend yourself, and you run away for help dont think your out of an $800 TASER after you make a police report and send that to TASER they will replace your TASER for free..

Ok OK I will shut up now but dont tell me TASERS dont work cause I will argue with that till death
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