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That about sums it up for me too. I bet their insurance company sees that video and drops their coverage.
I wonder if they necessarily even have insurance...

With Navy Seals and Airborne Rangers....those PROVEN to have the skills and mindset that SHOULD go with "non-standard" training?? Yes, I would participate and take a chance.

With Joe or Jane " call me Rambo " Lunchbucket? NO freakin' way.....I value my life a little more than that.
After seeing what fellow students unfamiliar to me, some of whom were experienced, could do wrong in standard training, I would not attempt to do non-standard training with strangers. The concern isn't for fear that they are Rambo types or anything that outrageous (although that is hugely possible), but simply that they are not up to the skills necessary to accomplish the task in a safe and controlled manner.
Explaining this away as "stress inoculation" doesn't ring true with me, either.

If that is what it was, why was there one person downrange, and why did he need to be holding a camera.
I think you misunderstood. It wasn't the cameraman getting stress inoculated, but the students. Those students are being inoculated against performance anxiety caused by camera shyness.
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