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"Stress inoculation" indeed---what a load of drivel and "in theory" drivel indeed.

I watched the "response" video and the only thing I agree with what the man said started at the 8 minute mark when he was talking about "warriors"---he had that part right.
Do to our physical makeup and the genetic differences in our individual NERVOUS SYSTEMS we are not all warriors.

The armed forces spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per soldier trying to find the "warriors" that he speaks of, " the nine out of a hundred" and "the one out of a hundred" ---- These are those that earn the title Navy Seal and such and these are the men that take the shots on multiple pirates that are holding hostages at gunpoint...all while bobbing up and down on the high seas----REAL warriors that have trained to the point of exhaustion many times in situations that would make, yes 90% of use scream like little girls and run home to mommy.

At Tactical Response, we aren't looking for the 10 or the 80 but if your one of the 9 or 1, come see us.

What a load of crap....every wannabe Rambo thinks they are one of the few.... LOL give me a break.
Just how does this great trainer discern WHO is one of these few?
Like I said, the US Government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to sort this out....but the guys that show up to his class are put in a situation were they have a camera man in front of them.....beyond stupid.

How you react in a given situation has as much to do with your genetic makeup, YOUR nervous system, as it has to do with training....and in this case, very questionable training.

I don't know how long this tacticool course is and how much "stress inoculation" students are exposed to.
Sounds like a sales pitch for all the Rambo wanabees out there.

Just stupid.
"It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees"
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