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38 Special -What velocity for an accurate target load?


I am going to give the ISSF center-fire match a go with my new (2nd hand) S&W 586 .38/.357.

I was wondering if anyone could dig up some of there accuracy testing results and tell me what the best velocities were for accuracy with....

.38 brass and 148 grain Hollow based Wad Cutter projectiles (Hornady).

There is plenty of previous discussion regarding powders, but it's all Greek to me as many of the listed powders are not available here in NZ. (I will be using AP50N by ADI powders, an Australian manufacturer). So perhaps we could talk in average velocity's instead.

I am used to driving bullets around 800-900 ft/sec but realize that may be a bit faster than required for an ISSF match with these projectiles.

I would be interested if you had any accuracy comparisons shooting from at least 25m (27 yards).

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