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Hello. If two barrels of the same length where loaded with the same amount of powder and with projectiles of the same weight, but of different calibers, will then the stopping power of the guns be equivalent?
Ok the actual problem is that we have a handgun round (5" barrel) and a 22 caliber bullet and a 40 caliber bullet, both 100 grs. and both cases loaded with 25 grains of an unnamed smokeless powder.

So we don't know how fast these theoretical bullets are going. Without that piece of information most calculations are, well sorta fantasy land.

A 100 gr. 22 caliber handgun bullet comes from what round? Not a 22 magnum or 22 lr. What 100 gr. 22 caliber bullet comes from a 5" barrel?

I'm no expert but what charge of 25 gr.s of powder gets a 40 caliber bullet going at what velocity from a 5" barrel? It will not be hitting the same velocity as the 22 backed by 25 grs. 25 grains of powder in a rimfire round?

What cases are we speaking of? Is the 22 coming from a necked down bottlenecked case? or a straight walled?

The question is so general, and unspecific (or too specific) I don't think any sort of useful reply can be made.

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