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The performance would differ, the .40 could be considered deadlier because it pokes a bigger hole but a .22 100gr would have much higher sectional density than a .40 100gr, so it would definitely penetrate deeper. Their "energy" might be the same, but I'm not a big fan of relying on energy to determine effectiveness.
I assume are talking about 2 projectiles traveling at the same velocity?

Sectional density is directional. The 100 gr. .22 may have a higher section density and penetrate deeper, IF it remains stable and does not tumble, if the bullet stays intact.

Sectional density relative to penetration is another one of those sort of misleading variables that sometimes we put more stock into than we should. You can have two bullets with virtually the same sectional density, but different construction such that one disintegrates on impact and one that stays together and hence have two very different amounts of penetration.
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