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The only difference here is the 100gr of lead in each bullet is in a slightly different shape per the OP diagram, .22" diameter and longer for one, and .40" diameter and about 1/3 the length of the .22 round.
With the same bullet mass and powder in an ideal situation as is assumed by the OP means the same muzzle energy and muzzle velocity. (Again, the only difference here is in one case the 100gr bullet is .22" in diameter (the longer bullet) and the other is .40" diameter (the shorter fatter bullet). That means it's all the biomechanics of instantaneous trauma. For equal energy on impact of a body, the smaller diameter bullet is going deeper because it has less frontal area to slow it down. If that's the difference the answer is going to be did the person shot get hit in the gluteus maximus or 'credit card'(between the eyes)?
I expect the .22 will more lethally penetrate the credit card than the .40 round solely because of the 3.3 times higher pressure created by the .22 than the .40 better punching through the skull. In the gluteus, I would expect 'wider damage' by the .40 but deeper damage by the .22.
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