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I'll play.
Note: if you're still using an outdated, old fashion, browser (like I am, Internet Explorer that came with Windows 8.1) you aren't going to see the nifty diagram the OP included. Use a modern browser like Chrome and you'll be fine.

Okay "stopping power", right there may cause some "discussion" but I'll leave that to others.

The projectiles are the same weight, just different diameters. Do we assume they are the same length? That might be done if they are made of different weight metals. Does that even matter? Wiser folk than I may chime in on this.
Also is this material designed to expand on impact? Inquiring minds might want to know.

All in all I suspect the smaller diameter projectile will penetrate more deeply but that does NOT mean it will be more effective in stopping someone.

As many folk will undoubtedly say shot placement is probably the over riding consideration. That is, a little bitty round to the right spot will trump a big old round to a non-critical part of the body.

In short (yeah I know that boat already sailed) not necessarily.

Note: Somebody on this site has a sig line "All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better" and they generally know of which they speak.
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