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I'm indifferent; however, if it's ballistically superior with better range capabilities, it's a positive move. The "platform" choice will be more interesting as it looks like they want a next generation M4-like carbine. Size and weight matters and considering burst or full-auto are really not commonly used, it's even less of an issue.

Having just returned from Afghanistan and working with the Germans, it was ironic that many carried their P8 handgun and were issued both their G36 and MP7 SMG. Our advisor missions were close-quarters, so the MP7's were often the choice.

Interestingly enough, some of the "guardian angel" Germans had the new HK417 .308 rifles, and not as DMRs.

As an individual rifleman, I would like the 6.8 upgrade, but knowing tactics and available support weapons, the 5.56mm is still more than adequate for 90% of the combat situations. While we have fought in the jungles of the South Pacific and Vietnam, and more recently the desert terrains of Iraq and Afghanistan, future planning is now focused more on urban and sub-urban terrain.

While caliber gets a lot of discussion here, I think there are far more important aspects such as communication, suppression, night vision/thermal imagery/optics.

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