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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
"...First some background:..." That applies everywhere.
Airsoft makes toy guns. They are not substitutes for real firearms. However, a good air powered target pistol or rifle will let you practice the same techniques used with real firearms without all the flash and banging. Breathing, trigger control and sight picture is the same with a good air rifle or pistol as it is with a real firearm. Most Olympic handgun shooting is done with air powered stuff now too.
"...talkin' 100 dollar bill..." None of those in Estonia. snicker.
Don't bet the ranch on that, I'm sure there are plenty of Benjamin's in circulation in Estonia.
Good old Ben is pretty much the world reserve currency everywhere. Regardless of the currency employed, hundred dollar bills are accepted.
They are a very popular item!

Don't leave home without them.
Freedom is not free
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