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Strongly recommend!

Many hours in my basement with a .177 pellet pistol is how I learned to be accurate with a handgun. Of course no internet in those dark old days, just books and magazines.
I've been looking at pellet pistols lately again, already have several.

There is a C02 powered metal Beretta PX4 that is a virtual double for the real McCoy. Heck the slide even cycles when fired.

Not a fan of pumping up guns so I lean toward C02 powered. Rapid fire is impacted as things tend to get too cold to work with C02, that's about the only issue.
You can spend a lot on a pellet pistol. Watch for sales, a Benjamin will cover the cost and get you going with a reasonably accurate pistol. I'm talkin 100 dollar bill, not the brand. Tho not a bad choice.
If you shoot in an enclosed space be aware they do require ears, they are pretty darn loud.
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