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Why does the Glock grip angle only seem to be a problem for those who dislike Glocks with a passion?
It's not. I have a great deal of respect for Glock pistols and what the design has accomplished. I have shot most of the lineup. I wish I liked the way it felt in my hand. I don't, and that matters to me. I would ask you this: why are the personal experiences and opinions of others for whom Glocks are not a good fit so offensive to those who love Glocks with a passion?
So the "small hands" excuse is bunk; so is the "bad angle" excuse bunk, as well. TOTALLY bunk. It's only the nitpicking person that complains about "being uncomfortable" with Glock grip. Oh please, if it were that bad, hundreds of thousands of police officers around the nation and world would give up on 'em in a heartbeat... but they haven't yet, and they (Glocks) have been in service in multiple police agencies for 20+ years so far, and still going strong.
First, police officers, as a rule, have zero say in the guns that they are issued. As is pointed out often by those on the inside, most don't care as long as they work. And Glocks certainly do that. They work. However, the success of Glock in the police market is not a function of ergonomics.
Second, why are you offended, personally, by the ergonomics of my hand? I don't mean to nitpick, but it's my hand, and I'll be the judge of which gun feels comfortable in it, and which does not. How about I fill my hand with what works for me, and you fill yours with what works for you, and nobody insults anybody over their choice? Deal?
Yeah. I've seen women (yes, with small hands; smaller than the average guy) fire a Glock 20 (same size as Glock 21) with NO problems whatsoever. I've read on another forum some guy let a 16 year old GIRL shoot his Glock 20 (with 165 gr. DoubleTap rounds, no less...) and had no problem! Amazing, right?
I am glad these women have found a good fit for them. Also, while I am thrilled to see youngsters get into shooting(if this second-hand internet report can be trusted), I am not going to start doing anything simply because a 16 year-old girl is doing it. I don't care for gossip, most pop music makes me nauseous, and lip gloss on a 41 year-old man is just plain creepy.
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