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Originally Posted by 44 AMP View Post
this was kind of my point. if you can't tag a 6x6" block at 500yds, when the bullet velocity is down to the level you are interested in, what is the point of being concerned with expansion or lack of same at that range /speed??

And, forget about reduced loads cycling any semi auto, unless you're willing to modify the gun specifically to do that. Very few guns, even ones with adjustable gas systems are adjustable enough to cover that range without some kind of modifications.
Smh... I understood what you were getting at. You apparently did not understand what I was getting at.

The problem is not tagging the block, but tagging it in the center of the block, and in line with the block so it stays in the block from end to end.

With good loads my rifle will hold 1moa. So about 5in at 500. I would rather not take shots on game at that distance other than varmints, just curious to see if it would work. So in short I can tag the block, but no guarantee on a center shot.

At 500 the bullet will be coming in from a pretty good angle. While I could calculate the trajectory and angle, and rig a mount to hold it at the right angle, if I can't tag it in the center and keep it in the block its a moot point.

Thus trying to down load
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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