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They're designed so that the pin itself won't rotate in the hole.

It's fairly common for a pin to retain a part that is intended to pivot on the pin. If the pin is loose in the hole and is tight on the part, the pin could pivot in its hole instead of the part pivoting on the pin.

The only real reason I can see for anti-pivot pins would be if the part and the pin are hardened steel but the pin is going through something much softer. Say through an aluminum receiver. So the part pivoting on the pin (assuming sufficient lubrication) wouldn't really cause any wear (and if it did, the pin or part could be fairly easily replaced) while the pin pivoting in the hole through the softer material might cause wear to that part that could eventually become problematic.

I should point out that I haven't done any real research on this topic so this should be considered to be more of an opinion than established fact.
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