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There's a very exclusive, multi-thousands-of-dollars-per-year 1,000 range about 45 minutes away. Way out of my price range.
There's another owned by a business about 2 hours away -- but only family members have access, and outsiders must be invited and approved by a vote.

The closest 1,000 yard range that I know of, that's open to the public - at least at some times during the year - is about 4 hours. But (there's always a "but", it seems) they're a private club on Federal land and the lease only allows public events during the peak of summer (in the middle of the desert) and the middle of winter (snowmobile access only, as the roads turn to 3 foot-deep mud if driven over). So nearly every "public" day has the 1,000 yard line reserved for a competition of some kind.

I can shoot to 600 or 650 in a fair number of places that are notably closer. But 800+ takes some travel.
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