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HUECO, Congratulations on your purchase! I feel like I went through the process with you after the reading your post as you went through the buying process. I like Coinneach's list, it is very specific but I would like to offer the following to you. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Coinneach:
Here's what I use for loading big stuff:

Lee O-frame press
RCBS dies (since they have set screws in the lock rings, which the Lee dies don't)
Lee Perfect powder measure
RCBS powder trickler
Lee safety scale
RCBS shell holder
Lee case lube (the stuff in the white tube)
Dial micrometer
Lee Autoprime
Speer and Lee manuals


1. I use the Rock Chucker. The Lee is fine.
Get either for the best price.
7. Dillon Case Lube. IMHO the best. Less messy.
9. RCBS priming tool. Also IMHO

You will need to keep serious notes on the loads that you develop and you will even end up asking questions on the purchase of your first chronograph!
I would also get:
RCBS Deburring Tool as even new cases will need to have the necks deburred.
Even when neck sizing you will need a case trimmer. For the volume of loading you are talking about a manual RCBS trimmer with the proper pilot and collet will be all you need.
For the sake of accuracy I would also suggest a primer pocket uniformer as well as a flash hole deburring tool which may be purchased through Midway.
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