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Since you'll be loading for accuracy vs volume, a single-stage press would probably be best. I have the Lee kit and I love it (Dillon/RCBS guys, don't start with me! ).

Here's what I use for loading big stuff:

Lee O-frame press
RCBS dies (since they have set screws in the lock rings, which the Lee dies don't)
Lee Perfect powder measure
RCBS powder trickler
Lee safety scale
RCBS shell holder
Lee case lube (the stuff in the white tube)
Dial micrometer
Lee Autoprime
Speer and Lee manuals

As for components, I get my best results with the following:

Barnes JHP bullets
Federal brass
Winchester standard large rifle primers
Hodgdon 4895 powder (note: IMR and Hodgdon use similar powder names, and they're NOT interchangable).

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