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Originally Posted by yournodaisy View Post
Every other shot the slide catch would halfway engage the slide locking it back.
Step 1 is to shoot the pistol one-handed to determine if your support hand is bumping into the slide stop and lifting it while shooting.

If you continue to have premature lock-back, closely inspect the slide stop lug for copper smears indicating contact between it and the bullets. You can also remove the slide and slowly push a loaded magazine up into the mag well to see if there's contact between the lug and the bullets.

If there is contact, carefully file the lug at the spot where the contact is happening. The idea is to remove just enough metal to prevent the contact from happening. Be very careful not to remove too much or the slide stop won't lock the slide open after the last round.

Or, you can send the pistol back to Kimber and ask them to fix it for you.
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