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Rock River Lightweight Mountain Rifle

I have two questions, and I welcome all comments…

1) Does anyone have experience with the Rock River Lightweight Mountain Rifle? I have a 2011-vintage Rock River M4-copy with an HBAR 16” barrel, a meaty solid aluminum free float hand guard, and scope. I am happy with the accuracy, but It is a heavy beast at 9.75 lb. I would like to buy a new upper with the intent of getting a much lighter firearm. RRA lists the Lightweight Mountain Rifle at 6.2 lb, so I am guessing that putting “Lightweight Mountain Rifle Upper” on my receiver would result in something similar. I will use a red-dot sight (probably EOTECH) and flip-up irons.

2) Although I am very happy with RRA, I am not committed to this roll-mark… any other suggestions for a light-weight accurate upper with 16” barrel? The RRA upper is $700, so I am looking for suggestions in that general range.

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