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Drop in Bore Light for .36 Seneca and up

A friend was asking me about a bore light to drop into his rifle. I let him borrow one of mine. I also shoot traditional archery and had some Nocturnal Lighted Nocks that turn on at loose. There is a tiny switch that is easily turned off when not in use. I also use them for my muzzleloaders. They will drop into my .36 Seneca, 45 Seneca, 50 Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle just fine and light the bore very well. These come as a 3 pack from various sporting goods stores or on line around 22$. I use the Nocturnal GT. These have a small battery which is not replaceable, but work well for a bore light for the .36. They are also great for carbon shafts archery in low light situations.
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