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Kind of a poor comparison of a 30-30 that is a weaker action type vs a bolt which is as solid as they get.

As long as you start low and work up, doing ALL the checks for pressure, you should be fine. Europeans are hunting with modern rifles in most cases.

Note it says Europeans are loading to 58k psi, not 65k that it can handle.

Berdon can be re-loaded but its a royal pain so while not technically accurate, realistically it is. Vast majority even advanced reloaders won't unless its the only case you can get.

Personal experience with the 7.5 Swiss (on a modern action) has it hitting pressure indicators before a 30-06 would though they are the same capacity.

My take is the shorter and wider column burns more efficiently and pressure is higher grain per gain (I could be wrong)

My chrono quit working so I can cross check identical power loads and see how they compare speed wise.

As long as you are cautious in the approach I don't see an issue with testing.

Its a very short article and clearly does not get into all the nuances. Nothing dangerous being advocated.
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