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11-87 vs SA20

These are the two in my sights. I am going to buy one of them in the next month. Just trying to get input as to which one. I know we all have our favorites, but I need input as to reasons behind such. Not simply it is what I have used always or the other sucks.

This will be an all purpose shotgun. everything from trying to blast flying clays to killing deer. I hunt predators and squirrel as well. I might even try a 3 gun shoot or two. And who knows, I have never hunted a bird in my life and have people who want em to try it too.Both fit my budget as well.

I will be loading for 20ga as I have four in my house for my kids (2x Moss 500, 1 H&R Ultraslugger, and a Charles Daly semiauto I picked up from a pawn shop for my son). The wifey wants a 20 ga as well, but in a pump and is picking up a Stevens because she likes the "muddy girl" one from wally world. Not my choice there.

I have heard the loading sequence of the SA20 sucks. However, I have heard this has changed since they were introduced. Also there is no slug barrel option for this shotgun. Anyone found any different? The gun is light and is renowned for not kicking (call me a wuss, but this is a big factor for me).

For the 1187, I have heard about failure to cycle and O ring replacements, and being heavier both in recoil and weight. But I can pick up a slug barrel (or a field barrel if I get the slug gun) for it and throw my usual scope on it (KonusPro 7249's are on 6 guns now in my house).

I have yet to shoot either of these. I have shot the CD I got my son and loved everything but the short stock it had. I prefer a 24-26" barrel for field due to the thick crap I hunt in.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea fo what I am looking for and you guys can advise me. I might own a few, but I am still a shotgun newbie.
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