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Grab some popcorn. I am not converting a rimfire to center fire. I do not want to make my 22lr into a .357 or .38. I am seeking to make my 22lr 5.5" barrel into a 22lr with 4" barrel with full underlug. The 357 barrel is the perfect donor, except for the bore.
The firing pin is already in the right place, in respect to the bore center. I am not changing the cylinder. If the 357 barrel would thread into the receiver, I would first need to bore it, sleeve it, install and index it, cut forcing cone, then set the space between cylinder and barrel extension.

As I said, the thread is the key. I usually can figure out a manufacturers motivations, and could make a good educated guess as to how they would build something. Cost wise, having all barrel threads be the same makes sense. Less tooling, less for line working machinists to think about.
For safety or critical dimensions, it may be another story.

Perhaps Ruger would would tell me the thread size and pitch of the 22lr barrel, if I ask in a way that doesn't make them nervous.

I would prefer to not remove the factory barrel (just to measure threads) if the threads are indeed different. I would simply abandon the project.

And yes, I am fully aware that I should have just bought the SW 617 with 4" barrel in the first place ! :-/

Cost ( within reason) does not factor in. As I said, I am a tinkerer by nature. I find these projects fun and rewarding. Especially when I am told it can't be done. I would expect the cost to do this to be near 300 dollars, and that is fine with me. I do not factor in the cost of tools, as I always buy tools. They become useful for other projects. I have filled 2 complete Snap On stacks over the years doing this.

Thank you again for any insight you may have to offer.

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