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GP 100 Tech questions

Hello all, please don't ask me to sell the gun. I am a tinkerer by nature, and love projects.
This is more a gunsmiths concern, but I find the revolver fans to be very technical. Someone here has the answer.

On a Ruger GP 100 ( 22lr) would the barrel threads in the receiver be the same for all barrels? Specifically, would the 4" full underlug 357 barrel be the same thread? Don't be alarmed. I am not trying to make it a 357 or 38.

If I were to re-sleeve the 357 barrel to 22lr, would I be able to shape the forcing cone in the new barrel sleeve? Or would the cone blend into the factory barrel material?

I realize this may sound radical, but it really is not. I have performed other conversions successfully that I was told could not be done. I love a challenge!!!

The barrel thread is probably the most critical item to the success of this. Everything else I have a work around already.

Thank you for your thoughts and insights. Please contain the flames!!

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