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After a full week of shooting, I am even more convinced that the MP5 is the ultimate fun machine gun.

My one reason above all other reasons: 9mm ammo is easy and cheap to make, so allows for more time on the trigger. F/A fire chews up ammo, and when ammo is cheap, easy, and fast to make, you shoot more.

After shooting up more than half my supply of 9mm ammo, last night I reloaded five full boxes of Berry's bullets, for a total of about 5,000 rounds, in about 4 hours, using a Mr. Bulletfeeder, the Dillon Auto Primer, and a Dillon 1050.

Cheaper than Dirt has a sale on 9mm Berry's plated bullets. After shipping and handling, and taxes, if you are in Texas, like me, the total cost per 1000 box is about $85 ($66 pre SH and Taxes).

A secondary reason I like the MP5 is that, after examining the action, I am pretty sure that it is safe to shoot cast bullets in an MP5. It is a blowback operation, so I do not see why one couldn't shoot cast. An M16 gas system would gunk up with lead, but I am pretty sure the MP5 uses a recoil/blowback system. I am no expert in this area, so I am trying to contact the guys at HKparts to find out if it will hurt the gun to shoot cast.
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