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I am going to see how the Aug shoots lefty before I go buy a left handed set up. The Aug has an additional problem that the M4 does not: the Aug is a bullpup, so the ejection port, if you are left handed, will be right on your face.
I tried to do some shoulder transition drills with my AUG clone. Boy be careful!! Unless you get really far to the rear, you WILL eat brass. I had to basically get my chin on the buttplate in order to not be hit by ejecting brass

That was one of the chief reasons i sold the gun. After thousands of hours of bi-laterial shooting with an M4 system. I figured id do it with this AUG critter without thinking about it and end up with my face against the ejection port. BANG.... Left check with a SERIOUS cass of bolt rash and a 556 case stuck between my teeth

Id spend some time dry practicing with that gun to figure out how to hold her before trying to shoot it. Just my 2c

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