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I only bought the Aug because I had always wanted to have an Aug, especially because one of my favorite movies of all time is Die Hard. Remember Karl, the villain?

There is a guy online named Pete who is an expert at the Aug, and sells parts for it, especially full auto parts.

The good thing about the F/A Augs is that the trigger pack is the registered part. From what I read (I have no personal knowledge), the Aug pack can be installed into an AugA3 and a Tavor and similar bullpup guns.

I am going to see how the Aug shoots lefty before I go buy a left handed set up. The Aug has an additional problem that the M4 does not: the Aug is a bullpup, so the ejection port, if you are left handed, will be right on your face.

I am still looking forward to shooting the Aug. I've never shot an Aug.

Shooting the M16 isn't really a problem left handed. It is a problem shooting left handed AND suppressed. I don't think the offending gas is coming from the charging handle vent, but rather from the chamber/ejection port area itself. And its not just gas, it's actually unburnt powder that is in the process of burning, which gets pushed back and out the ejection port due to the pressure in the suppressor not allowing the gas to escape out the muzzle.

I especially like the "psssssssss" sound of the gas escaping after the magazine finishes. There's lots of pent up gas in that suppressor.

I now have a .223 silencer that I have no intention of using. Makes for a nice paperweight.
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