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I can not speak for why he said that.

But to me... It seemed his reasoning may have been that police officers jobs are hard enough, it shows courtesy that you understand they have to risk their lives and deal with people potentially about to shoot them every time they make a traffic stop. It's always a risk for them. Some police officers may not care. But I think his feeling may have been that some would appreciate you letting them know.

I like the idea of waiting for the officer before you start digging around for things. That or keeping any documents you might need in a visible place like the visor as some have mentioned. I can sure see many reasons how a stop with someone digging around places they can't see could make an officer quite uneasy.

I read this somewhere on another site and saved it because I think it is good advice in general...

"While it's true that officers are accustomed to seeing drivers reach around inside a vehicle, it's still a bad idea. Virtually all such moves can constitute "furtive movement."*
Consider that you never really know why you were stopped. Even if you were speeding, or whatever, to assume that's the reason for the stop is not smart."

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