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in all honesty i've NEVER heard of this one. mind you i've done a fair number of japanese war museums, read accounts etc etc and this one? never heard of it to tell you the truth. human torpedos, yes, human antiship mines, yes. human cruise missiles, yes. bamboo spear stockpiles, frying pans, and all manner of truly ridiculous mobilization measures, yes. satchel-charge laden infantrymen charging tanks in suicide runs? of course.

this hammer thing? no.

to be fairly blunt i don't think that last line was funny and it was less than graceful. i've lost generations out of my family in ww2. so have a number of friends on both sides of the pacific. considering the accumulated military experience, ingenuity and dedication of the japanese - that war was an aberration led by delusional, conceited, ignorant, borderline traitors. being dug into a road with a bomb waiting for an M4 sherman tank to roll over is a dishonorable way to be committed to battle, and an inexcusably tragic way to die.

that's enough from me.
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