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Shilo Sharps can handle smokeless in black powder equivalent loads. A friend of mine many years ago reasoned that since it is modern steel and a falling block, a Sharps should be strong enough to handle the same loads as a Ruger. I can tell you that was a very poor decision. Although 45-100 was more powerful than 45-70, a long barrel and large charges of black powder gave the owner of a 45-100 an extra 200-300 fps over a 45-70, or about 1,400 fps with a 550 gr slug. Not exactly setting the word on fire, but a substantial difference 130 years ago.

Don't even think about shooting the 458 WinMag in it, although it might partially chamber the action will never close. If it did, you would know the fastest way to disassemble a Sharps rifle.
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