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Congrats on your .308!

I've hunted deer and hogs with .308 since 1988. During that time, I've gone from 150 grain to 165 grain, the weights dictated by the different bullet models, not by a conscious decision to change weights.

After shooting deer in various states with various sizes of deer and hogs, I have found that keeping the game static, either was a good choice. My recommendation is to shoot various loadings and let your gun tell you what it likes. After all, who cares if someone else had great luck with a particular bullet if your rifle won't shoot it well? There are plenty of factory loadings out there to choose from. This can be an expensive proposition, buying boxes pf 20 only to shoot 5-10, but it gets you some trigger time with your new gun to learn it's idiosynchracies. For a good starting point, Hornady, Remington, Federal, or Winchester all make adequate offerings.

As for shooting through brush, I'd advise against it with any loading. Perhaps someone here can produce the studies, but I think the view of a reduction in chances of bullet deflection with slower moving, heavier bullets was disproven some time ago.
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